About Joe Ott

Joe Ott 2Joe Ott has been a Western Massachusetts resident his whole life. Raised in Northampton and Ashfield, where he attended and graduated from Mohawk Trail Regional High School in 1974, Mr. Ott now resides in Springfield with his wife, Linda. Mr. Ott has worked at Calvin Coolidge Nursing and Rehabilitation, in Northampton, for the past twenty-seven years.  He considers himself blessed to have worked in the Recreation Department for the greater portion of his tenure there.

Ott returned to his Catholic faith in 1995. He had a profound experience while venerating the Pilgrim Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Depicted in the image is Mary carrying the Christ-child in her womb. At one point during his veneration of this image, he placed his hand on that section of the image, and, at that moment, electricity traveled throughout his whole body.  In retrospect,  he now understands that it was through the profound intercession of Our Lady, Spiritual Mother of Humanity, that he was brought back to her Divine Son, Jesus, and His Mystical Body, the Church.

A logical consequence of this experience was a significant deepening of his devotion to both Mother Mary and her prayer, the Holy Rosary.  Thus, having consecrated his life to Jesus through Mary, he prayed about how to best serve Our Lord and His Most Holy Mother, Mary.  He knew he was being called to place his abilities and talents at their service, for the greater glory of God and for the salvation of souls.  Having been schooled in professional radio broadcasting,  and having volunteered at the Radio Reading Service for over 15 years, the Lord inspired him to begin a Rosary-based radio program.  Having been directed to WACE AM 730, Joe has been leading Our Lady’s Holy Rosary on the airwaves for over a decade on his radio program, “Cause of Our Joy.”  Moreover, he has been afforded the tremendous opportunity to interview countless Catholic Christian missionaries, from every walk of life, whose many and varied apostolates have served as a great source of inspiration to Joe and, without doubt, to his numerous, faithful listeners.

Recently, he has been shown, specifically through the intercession of St. Dominic, that he is being called to further this apostolate via the internet. Recognizing himself as an unworthy servant of the Lord, he has made it his mission to respond wholeheartedly to whatever promptings and inspirations that the Spirit places on his heart, in order to most effectively, by the grace of God, be used as an instrument in the hands of the Almighty to bring honor to Mother Mary by allowing himself to be imbued with her maternal spirit of a deep, supernatural love for the countless lost sheep, who have wandered so far from the sheepfold, having become victims of sin, vice and error, in these times of great confusion.  It is Joe’s ardent desire to lead these beautiful, yet lost souls to Jesus, the Good Shepherd, through, with and in His Holy Mother Mary.


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